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What if…your employees contain the solutions you need to make your organisation fly, but they just don’t know it yet, because you have not led them to believe it could be true?

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Quick Inquiry into the “C” word

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Currently, the “C” word is quickly dismissed in the business world, in fact, it is paradoxically ‘blasphemous’ to many business practitioners. Consciousness is often misinterpreted as it alludes to too many topics of the ‘airy-fairy’ nature. Assumptions: -Consciousness is an area left to the philosophers, to those who enjoy speaking in circles and coming to no conclusions. -It is linked to my definition of Spirituality/ a set of religion values—and these principles don’t mix well with business. What will happen to my bottom-line if I introduce Consciousness into my life (and consequently my business practice)? Take a look at the Conscious Capitalism publications for examples on how some businesses are managing to create profit, with […]

What is Conscious Leadership?

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What is Conscious Leadership? …Words from César Gamio, The Chopra Centre “Why is it important today and beyond? For a number of decades, business leaders have operated under the Darwinian paradigm of Survival of the Fittest, engaging in ruthless competition and taking reckless risks, reeking havoc in their organisations as well as destroying economies for the sake of maximising shareholder value. Forbes magazine could not have put it more bluntly when it published an article titled “The Dumbest Idea In The World: Maximising Shareholder Value” with reference to how organisations are ignoring what successful and profitable organisations establish as their guiding principle: the creation of value for society (which in turns brings shareholder value). In […]

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Inspiration from Conscious Capitalism’s Second Tenet: Stakeholder Integration

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Can you imagine what would happen to your organisation, if your employees were driven by the deep, self-motivating drive of their life’s purpose/calling? Conscious Leadership enables and promotes employees at all levels to work with purpose, be highly self-motivated, and consequently contribute to the organisation in the most impactful way possible. In Conscious Capitalism John Mackey explains that “our work can exist at three levels: job, career or calling” (see accompanying image). Having a deep understanding of Self, and purpose- is the factor that is going to separate ‘matrix-dwellers’, from free-thrivers in the 21st Century. An example, the tech-geeks in Silicone Valley were ‘born’ to create technological advances, and it excites them at a very […]


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