Are schools inspiring the Conscious Leaders of tomorrow?

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Last week I was at my son’s school for a prize- giving event and was taken by something the Headmaster Mr Knibbs said during his welcome speech to the parents and student. He talked about a focus ‘beyond academic results’ and about the importance of creating a sense of balance and wellbeing in the school. This, Mr Knibbs said, ‘would lead to the right results for each boy and for Hampton school as a whole’. He went on to talk about the importance of creating balance – helping the boys develop inner confidence, strength of character and a healthy relationship with competition. He talked about humility, resilience and the boys being mindful of their actions whilst […]

Conscious Leadership, a Herd of Horses and 3 Brains -

Conscious Leadership, a Herd of Horses and 3 Brains

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What does three days spent with a herd of horses and conscious leadership have in common? A lot as it turns out! For some people, spending three days with a herd of horses would be a sublime way to spend their time. For others it might be close to terrifying. However, this is what I have just done in order to understand how horses help us become better leaders. For clarity, I have worked with horses before in terms of personal development, but this specific programme demonstrated to me the importance of bringing our full capacity to leadership. The programme was entitled The Zone of Intuitive Knowing – but I renamed it ‘Everything you need […]


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