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What’s going on in the Conscious Leadership field?

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Conscious Leadership: A Glimpse at Fall/Spring 2014 (updated 7 October 2014) Europe Natural Leaders NOW London, 22-23 November 2014 The root word of ‘leadership’ is ‘leith’ which means to cross the threshold, to let go of old ways, mind-sets and logic in order to embrace the new. Leadership is, first and foremost, an attitude to life. A unique and empowering blend of conference and interactive workshops led by inspiring international speakers and teachers (including Mac Macartney, Scilla Elworthy, Jamie Catto). “I am certain that a different future for all of humanity is possible, if humans wake up. Waking up starts with you and me. It means increasing our knowledge of ourselves, using reflection, mindfulness and […]

Plate too full for changing your leadership paradigm?

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Eckhart Tolle speaks on Spaciousness and Stuff drawing our attention to a common mind pattern that allows us to buy into the busy-ness drama of life. ‘I’ve got so much on my plate, I can’t deal with all this now, this “presence”… I can deal with it when my plate is empty’ “And, of course, the plate is never empty (he chuckles)” What if, you were able to empty the plate in this moment (while keeping every item on the plate at the same time)? How would that paradoxical head-space feel for you? At the current rate of change, if we think we are in a pickle this year with our fullness on life’s plate, […]

GCfCL Introduces Conscious Leadership Short Courses

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Evolution (the combined knowledge and progress of billions of years of thinking and experience) brings us the latest in the Leadership Development field… We are at a point in time where many old styles of leading, thinking and being are no longer fitting to the demands of our lives. We have progressed in astounding respects and it is now time for our psyche and behavior to catch up with our outward progress so that we can not only sustain our lifestyles and planet on which we go about our life, but also thrive and grow. Leaders (corporations, governments, institutions as well as individuals) are in a position to gracefully create a future worth living. Starting […]

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What if…your employees contain the solutions you need to make your organisation fly, but they just don’t know it yet, because you have not led them to believe it could be true?

Quick Inquiry into the “C” word -

Quick Inquiry into the “C” word

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Currently, the “C” word is quickly dismissed in the business world, in fact, it is paradoxically ‘blasphemous’ to many business practitioners. Consciousness is often misinterpreted as it alludes to too many topics of the ‘airy-fairy’ nature. Assumptions: -Consciousness is an area left to the philosophers, to those who enjoy speaking in circles and coming to no conclusions. -It is linked to my definition of Spirituality/ a set of religion values—and these principles don’t mix well with business. What will happen to my bottom-line if I introduce Consciousness into my life (and consequently my business practice)? Take a look at the Conscious Capitalism publications for examples on how some businesses are managing to create profit, with […]


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