Eating at work

Eating at your desk will negatively affect your work and your health

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Do you find yourself regularly eating at your desk? If you are part of the 67% of office workers that do so, then you need to be aware of the consequences of this unhealthy habit. Some people see food, as just a functional aspect of their lives. Mindless eating extends beyond the office desk, I see it all the time….people in the morning gulping down a piece of dry toast or pastry and a cup of coffee on the way to work, or eating a quick bite on the way to a meeting. It appears that for quite a few us, eating just gets “on the way” of seemingly more important things.

Enjoy your job

The Formula to Enjoy your Job : S = T + S + K

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There is a fairly simple explanation as to why over 80% of workers around the world feel disengaged in their jobs. Most of them are not using their strengths at work. If your current role doesn’t play to your strengths, it is very likely that at some point you will become disengaged. Disengagement not only leads to boredom, but also could have harmful effects on your health and life expectancy. Disengagement quite often manifests its presence in our mind-body system as depression, stress, anxiety, migraines, blurred vision, digestive problems, physical pain and dozens of other conditions, so disengagement is something that you have to take seriously. The key to success, and to really enjoy your […]

Boss Affects your Health

How Your Boss Affects your Health and Relationships

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According to the latest “Time-Use studies,” which provide information about how people spend their time, who they spend it with and how they feel at various points throughout the day, one major finding from this research is that, for most people, the person they least enjoy being around is their boss! According to the study, most people actually prefer doing menial chores and cleaning the house than to spend time with their boss. Most people overlook the massive influence that the boss-subordinate relationship has on our engagement at work, our physical, mental and emotional health and overall wellbeing. The most common traits shown by bad leaders include stubbornness, self-oriented, overly demanding, impulsiveness, interrupting and tantrum-throwing. […]

Tastes of Success

The 6 Tastes of Success

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Who doesn’t want to be at their best. Whether you are trying to persuade a prospect, convince your manager, or trying to get your point across to colleagues or business partners, if you the lack the required energy for these interactions, most likely you will come across as dull, monotonous and uninspiring. The way people perceive you has a lot to do with your energy levels. No doubt about that. In order to have the energy required to be at your best, it is important that you eat nutritious food and a balanced diet — this is something that I’m sure you are quite aware of by now. But in addition to getting the right […]

Career Success

You can Reshape Your Brain for Career Success

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In a previous post (“The Relevance of Career Success in Personal Fulfilment”), I shared with you the happiness formula which derived from years of research by top scientists. As a reminder, here it is again: H = S + C + V H – stands for happiness. S – stands for the set point in the brain, which accounts for 50% of our happiness experience. C – stands for conditions of living, which accounts for 12% of our happiness experience. V – stands for voluntary choices, which accounts for 38% of our happiness experience. Given that 50% of our happiness experience on a daily basis is based on how our brain’s neural network is configured, […]

Work-Life Balance

The Myth Behind Work-Life Balance

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Work-life balance implies two things that in this day and age, no longer hold true: Compartmentalisation and distribution. The first meaning that your professional life is separate from your personal life and the latter referring to some form of time allocation that needs to take place to evenly distribute those activities in order to remain sane. The viewpoint of treating your work and personal life as two separate activities is intrinsically flawed. If you have an argument with a colleague at work or if you simply had a bad day at the office, you will bring that emotional state into your family and social interactions. Conversely, if a loved one is sick or if you […]


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