Personal Fulfilment

The Relevance of Career Success in Personal Fulfilment

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Given his passion for science and his devotion to bringing peace and happiness to the world, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, along with the best and brightest scientists, created the Mind and Life Institute to foster collaboration with western science. A few years ago, the Dalai Lama commissioned a scientific study to a very large group of the most prominent social scientists and physicists, to study the concept of happiness. The questions that drove the project were: What makes us feel happy and fulfilled? How can we attain personal fulfilment? Two years later, the scientists returned with their findings and a happiness formula : H = S + C + V H – stands for […]

Impact your Health

How Your Family’s Health Issues Will Impact Your Health

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Is there a history of heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, Alzheimers, migraines or any other mental or physical illness in your family?  If so, it’s very likely that contained in every cell of your body, are the genes responsible for triggering those chronic conditions.  Whether you like to hear it or not, you may be carrying a vast array of ticking health bombs in the form of “bad” genes that could potentially impact your health. Fortunately, there is a way for you to defuse those bombs. Approximately 5% of disease-related genes are fully penetrant, meaning that the disease will develop regardless of any type of intervention. Through healthy lifestyle choices, we can keep the remaining […]

Career Wellbeing

How your Career will Influence your Happiness

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According to the most comprehensive study on wellbeing conducted by the Gallup organisation, only 7% of the world’s population can claim, with a high level of certainty, that they feel completely happy and fulfilled. The study also shows that there are 5 aspects of our lives that will determine whether we will suffer or struggle in this lifetime, and these are as follows: 1) Career Wellbeing 2) Social Wellbeing 3) Financial Wellbeing 4) Physical Wellbeing and 5) Community Wellbeing.  The 7% that claim total happiness, actually have top scores in each of these 5 categories. The study also stated that 66% of the world’s population feels satisfied in at least one of the five categories, […]

Survival Tips for Conscious Leaders -

Survival Tips for Conscious Leaders

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Conscious Leaders are well suited to the challenges of leading their companies into an uncertain and complex future. They combine deep levels of self-awareness, self-mastery and intuitive insight with an expanded perspective towards the wider system, taking in multiple factors and connections. They can find the simplicity in chaos and make sense of complexity.  By keeping the following tips in mind when they are faced with the challenge of leading their organisation to adapt to the future, conscious leaders can check their pace and move forward at the right speed, allowing better solutions to emerge from the ground up. The Setting In a world where we face unprecedented levels of complexity, globalization, pace and change, […]

Thoughts on Conscious Leadership -

Thoughts on Conscious Leadership

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Why is Conscious Leadership important today ? For a number of decades, business leaders have had a complete disregard for conscious leadership and have operated under the Darwinian paradigm of Survival of the Fittest, engaging in ruthless competition and taking reckless risks, reeking havoc in their organisations as well as destroying economies for the sake of maximising shareholder value. Forbes magazine could not have put it more bluntly when it published an article titled “The Dumbest Idea In The World: Maximising Shareholder Value” with reference to how organisations are ignoring what successful and profitable organisations that apply conscious leadership establish as their guiding principle: the creation of value for society (which in turns brings shareholder […]


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