Leading from Your Wisest Self: Bringing Spiritual Intelligence To Leadership

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“Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation” “From a business standpoint, SQ is the next frontier in leadership… it is one of the 4 key intelligences , and comes after EQ (Emotional Intelligence)”    Cindy Wigglesworth Conscious Leadership Evening in London next month! Meet other like minds interested in how to bring their wisest selves to their organisational roles and enjoy an interactive, developmental evening considering yourself in relation to the topic of spiritual intelligence. This September, we have the opportunity to meet Cindy Wigglesworth and discuss how this multiple intelligence approach can help you lead a fuller, more impactful life and create healthier organisations. […]

Solving the Productivity Puzzle

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Mind the Maintenance Gap – Solving the Productivity Puzzle Doug Crawford The productivity of organisations in the UK has for long been a cause for real concern as productivity levels have consistently remained below the average of G7 advanced economies (the gap now stands at 17%, the largest since 1992- according to Office for National Statistics, February 2015). Many reasons have been given for this, solutions postulated and blame apportioned, especially by political leaders, but one aspect that does not appear to have been given serious consideration is the prevailing mindset through which the productivity debate is being conducted. Let us travel back in time for a moment to the ‘industrial era’ where wealth was […]

Eating at work

Eating at your desk will negatively affect your work and your health

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Do you find yourself regularly eating at your desk? If you are part of the 67% of office workers that do so, then you need to be aware of the consequences of this unhealthy habit. Some people see food, as just a functional aspect of their lives. Mindless eating extends beyond the office desk, I see it all the time….people in the morning gulping down a piece of dry toast or pastry and a cup of coffee on the way to work, or eating a quick bite on the way to a meeting. It appears that for quite a few us, eating just gets “on the way” of seemingly more important things.

#wtf do millennials really want?

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Millennials, the upcoming generation of leaders (currently aged between approximately 20-35 years) who senior managers are somewhat anxious about. Frustrations include: “how to engage, motivate and retain them?”, “how can these youngsters expect to come to work and sit on Facebook?”, “they have an air of entitlement and feel the rules shouldn’t apply to them” I would like frame this age group not as a new species of strange beasts, but rather as the by-product of where we are at today. As time and evolution would have it, today’s 30 year olds are not going about the art of life in the same way that 30 year olds were 30 years ago. The common ground […]

Enjoy your job

The Formula to Enjoy your Job : S = T + S + K

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There is a fairly simple explanation as to why over 80% of workers around the world feel disengaged in their jobs. Most of them are not using their strengths at work. If your current role doesn’t play to your strengths, it is very likely that at some point you will become disengaged. Disengagement not only leads to boredom, but also could have harmful effects on your health and life expectancy. Disengagement quite often manifests its presence in our mind-body system as depression, stress, anxiety, migraines, blurred vision, digestive problems, physical pain and dozens of other conditions, so disengagement is something that you have to take seriously. The key to success, and to really enjoy your […]

Calling for a Radical Recalibration of Education (part1)

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A Nudge to Boost Creativity/ Consciousness/ Mindfulness/ Awareness in Education I am committed to teaching, living and learning the paradigm shift where love trumps fear, abundance trumps scarcity, and creativity trumps conformity. Do you ever wonder why humans need to wait until they have a mid-life crisis or some form of brutal impact with life, which is beyond their control, in order for them to wake up, re-adjust and continue living in a better way, or in some cases -to begin Living at all? It is a fascinating pattern to see, time and time again, how truly successful leaders (by successful I loosely mean having achieved abundance and fulfillment in their lifetime, while creating a […]