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Quick Inquiry into the “C” word - GIFCL.com
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Currently, the “C” word is quickly dismissed in the business world, in fact, it is paradoxically ‘blasphemous’ to many business practitioners.

Consciousness is often misinterpreted as it alludes to too many topics of the ‘airy-fairy’ nature.

-Consciousness is an area left to the philosophers, to those who enjoy speaking in circles and coming to no conclusions.

-It is linked to my definition of Spirituality/ a set of religion values—and these principles don’t mix well with business.

What will happen to my bottom-line if I introduce Consciousness into my life (and consequently my business practice)?
Take a look at the Conscious Capitalism publications for examples on how some businesses are managing to create profit, with a purpose. Not for the sake of increasing their CSR scores, but because they are deeply moved to do so, having the bigger picture in mind.

How is it relevant to the type of life that I want to live? I do not want to be made ‘wrong’ for the way I live my life and run my business.
This context of relating to the world is not out to promote guilt or blame. It is a movement that simply enables us to have the mindset to think of things in terms of their ‘isness’.  It helps us to simplify our lives, by letting go of a lot of the ‘stories’ that swirl around in our heads and wreak havoc in our days. It is through having the awareness of our ‘ego-led’ thoughts, that enables us to have more choices.

It is not about making things wrong, it is about noting what is, accepting what is, and then choosing the best version of ourself to decide on our next steps.

I know everything I need to know in how to run my company, just see my figures for the last few years!

Is your business connected to any other purpose besides the figures? Are your employees motivated by anything else besides reaching their targets? And, take a moment to think of yourself on your death-bed, you have about 60 more breaths until your heart stops beating… and you think to yourself…

Did I spend my time, living a life that matters?

We are very lucky, that through centuries of ‘circular’ debates, trials and errors,  discoveries, wars, religious leaders, inventors, artists, sports heroes etc, we, right now, are living at the most advanced time (years of accumulated collective intelligence), that has ever existed as we know it.

It is an obvious statement. But I remind you that WE ARE at the forefront of human evolution. Right at this moment.

Consider the possibility that Consciousness is:
– A paradigm shift, for the next step in the evolution of our psyche.
-Practical, relevant and immensely impactful in creating the life that you want to live, enabling you to access and fulfill your highest  potential, and realize your highest goals.
-An entirely new context to create your life from, and not linked to all those concepts that your conditioning has led you to believe is true.
-A very powerful way of operating, coming from full responsibility and zero victim-hood.

I hope that my words have done the “C” word some form of justice. My intention is to contribute in creating a little bit more awareness around this topic, and I am still learning to put my intentions and passion into a language that creates more clarity, and not confusion.

My wish would be to spark an inkling of curiosity in you, so that you might at least entertain these ideas. You have free will, after all, so at the end of the day, it is your choice.


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