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How Frederic Laloux’s ‘Reinventing Organizations’ points the way towards more Conscious Leadership

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Reinventing Organizations is a great read, a breath of fresh air (and sometimes a mindbend) about how the new and emerging forms of organisations go about their business. It serves not only as a compelling story, but also alters our paradigm as we read it. That is some effect. There are several clues within it that point to who the leaders of these (Teal) kinds of organisations need to be, which hints at an evolved form of leadership. Frederic describes three principles around which their operations cluster: Self management Frederic’s point: Hierarchies don’t work in complex organisations because all the complexity is pushed to the top awaiting decisions. As we know from other writers (e.g. […]

Conscious Leadership as a Bamboo

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Recently I’ve come across the fascinating comparison of conscious leadership to the qualities of bamboo.  It started with a series of fantastic videos by Barrett Brown talking about the findings from his doctoral thesis on conscious leadership (see the clip on ‘bamboo leadership’).  It’s worth watching the entire series of clips on Vimeo relating to his work on conscious leadership, post-conventional leadership, integral thinking and sustainability.  He somehow makes a complex field easy to understand! The Bamboo Leader post by Wendy Appel ( is another fascinating find and the link here takes you to her post in its entirety.  She has a great way of considering the qualities of the bamboo plant and how these […]


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