Engage in the Possibility of Passion, Purpose AND Profit

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It is possible, and if you think it is not- you are simply not aware of the cases where this is a reality in business around the world. There are organisations out there, operating in a whole new playing field- those who have abandoned their disillusionment and loyalty for the old system for a better way of being (a better way of seeing each quarter through). Raj Sisodia has long been interested in and researching these organisations- “Firms of Endearment”. Through his various publications, based on work with Universities in the United States, and consulting for global organisations, he has been able to shed some light on the process behind such win-win scenario’s in today’s […]

Buddhism and Conscious Leadership Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti – Combining Buddhism and Conscious Leadership

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How do Buddhism and Conscious Leadership overlap? A few years ago, at a Conscious Capitalism conference in Boston, I met a disarming and charming man. Because the conference had run severely overtime on its schedule, he was given only 5 minutes on stage for the after-lunch slot (traditionally known as ‘the graveyard shift’), but in those 5 minutes Nithya Shanti brought joy to the whole room and lit us all up. Joy emanates from him and he seems to be illuminated from the inside with a 50,000 watt bulb. I sidled over to meet him afterwards, standing in a corridor, and found myself smiling and feeling inexplicably happy. This feeling lasted long after we said goodbye after only […]

Living the Reinvented Organisation

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by Nikyta Guleria and Graham Boyd This is a story of how the ‘nice to have’ human aspects of the business are really the ‘need to have’. The story of how our non-profit, edgetalents, became a successful for-profit in a year. A story of how we re-invented the company, turning it into a deliberately developmental one (1). We blended traditional business methods with Holacracy, adult development from Laske, Kegan and Dojo4Life (2); and good old Art of Hosting methodologies. Having just read Frederic Laloux’s book, we believe our edge talents story may be useful to others re-inventing their organisations.Nikyta: This is also my story. As a recent graduate, about how I went from needing safety and […]

Conscious Living Network RSAinLondon

Conscious Living Network: Self Inquiry #RSAinLondon

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The next Conscious Living Network topic is ‘Self Inquiry’ One of the key purposes of the Conscious Living Network is to grow in our ability to be more ‘response-able’ in any given moment including, most importantly, the present moment, the only one we ever have. Some moments are more difficult than others, and it is through self-awareness that we are able to manage the moment with more ease, grace and choice. Life gives us enough to worry about in a day, and it is often through our own patterns of behaviours that we experience the most frustration and suffering, despite our best efforts. Self-inquiry is a useful way to explore aspects of ourselves that we […]

Leading from Your Wisest Self: Bringing Spiritual Intelligence To Leadership

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“Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation” “From a business standpoint, SQ is the next frontier in leadership… it is one of the 4 key intelligences , and comes after EQ (Emotional Intelligence)”    Cindy Wigglesworth Conscious Leadership Evening in London next month! Meet other like minds interested in how to bring their wisest selves to their organisational roles and enjoy an interactive, developmental evening considering yourself in relation to the topic of spiritual intelligence. This September, we have the opportunity to meet Cindy Wigglesworth and discuss how this multiple intelligence approach can help you lead a fuller, more impactful life and create healthier organisations. […]

Solving the Productivity Puzzle

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Mind the Maintenance Gap – Solving the Productivity Puzzle Doug Crawford The productivity of organisations in the UK has for long been a cause for real concern as productivity levels have consistently remained below the average of G7 advanced economies (the gap now stands at 17%, the largest since 1992- according to Office for National Statistics, February 2015). Many reasons have been given for this, solutions postulated and blame apportioned, especially by political leaders, but one aspect that does not appear to have been given serious consideration is the prevailing mindset through which the productivity debate is being conducted. Let us travel back in time for a moment to the ‘industrial era’ where wealth was […]


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