Are schools inspiring the Conscious Leaders of tomorrow?

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Last week I was at my son’s school for a prize- giving event and was taken by something the Headmaster Mr Knibbs said during his welcome speech to the parents and student. He talked about a focus ‘beyond academic results’ and about the importance of creating a sense of balance and wellbeing in the school. This, Mr Knibbs said, ‘would lead to the right results for each boy and for Hampton school as a whole’. He went on to talk about the importance of creating balance – helping the boys develop inner confidence, strength of character and a healthy relationship with competition. He talked about humility, resilience and the boys being mindful of their actions whilst […]

Conscious Leadership

An Unlikely Case of Conscious Leadership

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Edward Griffiths, CEO of Saracens Rugby Club, is a most unlikely example of a conscious leader. Not because of the man himself, but because usually we think of conscious leadership in the context of business, and who would think that you would find a conscious leader in a rugby club? But find him we did, as my co-director, Erika Uffindell, and I discovered when we met him in a London lounge for coffee. Griffiths was not particularly identified with being a conscious leader, and quite frankly might even have scoffed a little at the term, but we found in him a rather instinctive consciousness: he knew how to run his business so that it aspired […]

Leading Consciously

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Leading Consciously: How to have impact in the 21st Century For the curious: if you want to lead yourself and your businesses to optimal efficiency, don’t get left behind on this wave. A team of passionate, enthusiastic individuals (some of the world’s leading practitioners/ consultants/ coaches/ trainers/ business executives) has come together to facilitate a necessary ‘conference’ about Leading Consciously in current VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) times. The Global Institute for Conscious Leadership (GIfCL) is very excited that the creative collaboration of ideas will be coming to life, and impacting the world on 28 November 2013, in Central London. The day will be hosted as an unconventional conference – participatory dialogue, with exploration, understanding […]


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