Leading from Your Wisest Self: Bringing Spiritual Intelligence To Leadership

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“Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation” “From a business standpoint, SQ is the next frontier in leadership… it is one of the 4 key intelligences , and comes after EQ (Emotional Intelligence)”    Cindy Wigglesworth Conscious Leadership Evening in London next month! Meet other like minds interested in how to bring their wisest selves to their organisational roles and enjoy an interactive, developmental evening considering yourself in relation to the topic of spiritual intelligence. This September, we have the opportunity to meet Cindy Wigglesworth and discuss how this multiple intelligence approach can help you lead a fuller, more impactful life and create healthier organisations. […]


Seven Secrets of Authenticity

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Stuart Haden (Excerpt from Can you be coached to authentic greatness?) As we increasingly place greater emphasis on personal values many people choose to develop as authentic leaders. An authentic leader is aware of their identity and skilfully exhibits these values in the workplace… If you want to develop authenticity with the support and challenge of a coach then consider the following Seven Secrets of Authenticity: IDENTITY – aligning yourself. In order to be authentic we have to raise our self-awareness and understand who we really are. We need to be mindful that the external environment is important, but ensure we also focus on our inner world. INNER – skillfully expressing yourself. It is one […]

Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics: Theory you can use

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Post by Jon Freeman  spiralfutures.com Native American wisdom teacher Sun Bear once said “I am not interested in a philosophy if it doesn’t help me grow corn”.  Theories are much the same. Their usefulness depends essentially on three things: Do they explain what we can see? Do they correctly predict what will happen next? Do they provide useful information that helps us change outcomes? In 1974 Professor Clare W. Graves described the conditions that would face mankind in the future. He said that these conditions would demand a “momentous leap” in human capacities. Forty years on we are now living in exactly the life conditions he predicted. This prediction was based on decades of research […]

Survival Tips for Conscious Leaders - GCfCL.com

Survival Tips for Conscious Leaders

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Conscious Leaders are well suited to the challenges of leading their companies into an uncertain and complex future. They combine deep levels of self-awareness, self-mastery and intuitive insight with an expanded perspective towards the wider system, taking in multiple factors and connections. They can find the simplicity in chaos and make sense of complexity.  By keeping the following tips in mind when they are faced with the challenge of leading their organisation to adapt to the future, conscious leaders can check their pace and move forward at the right speed, allowing better solutions to emerge from the ground up. The Setting In a world where we face unprecedented levels of complexity, globalization, pace and change, […]


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