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Inspiration from Conscious Capitalism’s Second Tenet: Stakeholder Integration

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Can you imagine what would happen to your organisation, if your employees were driven by the deep, self-motivating drive of their life’s purpose/calling? Conscious Leadership enables and promotes employees at all levels to work with purpose, be highly self-motivated, and consequently contribute to the organisation in the most impactful way possible. In Conscious Capitalism John Mackey explains that “our work can exist at three levels: job, career or calling” (see accompanying image). Having a deep understanding of Self, and purpose- is the factor that is going to separate ‘matrix-dwellers’, from free-thrivers in the 21st Century. An example, the tech-geeks in Silicone Valley were ‘born’ to create technological advances, and it excites them at a very […]

Leading Consciously

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Leading Consciously: How to have impact in the 21st Century For the curious: if you want to lead yourself and your businesses to optimal efficiency, don’t get left behind on this wave. A team of passionate, enthusiastic individuals (some of the world’s leading practitioners/ consultants/ coaches/ trainers/ business executives) has come together to facilitate a necessary ‘conference’ about Leading Consciously in current VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) times. The Global Institute for Conscious Leadership (GIfCL) is very excited that the creative collaboration of ideas will be coming to life, and impacting the world on 28 November 2013, in Central London. The day will be hosted as an unconventional conference – participatory dialogue, with exploration, understanding […]


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