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We’re delighted to announce that The Global Institute for Conscious Leadership has undergone an extensive upgrade* and is now The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership, offering a range of cutting edge solutions for the development of conscious leaders worldwide.

Our new offerings include:

  • International and industry experts speaking on a variety of topics related to conscious leadership
  • Short courses and foundation modules that develop different facets of being a conscious leader
  • An executive programme that is offered as either an open programme or an in-house, tailored solution to senior leaders wanting to make an unparalled transformation in their leadership style, their leadership being and their impact on their organisation
  • A Conscious Leadership ‘blueprint’ that acts as a evolving map of the different facets of conscious leadership and serves as a way of pinpointing the aspects in yourself that you might like to develop – and avenues for doing this
  • Greater collaboration across the world with other networks offering conscious leadership development, so that wherever you are in the world, you can find the resource nearest to you.

Our purpose at The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership is simple, clear and profoundly inspiring to us all: to advance Conscious Leadership for the greater good of humanity. We are passionate about helping to develop leaders who are not only fit for the challenges of leadership today, but who can be the leaders of tomorrow, for the greatest benefit, for all of us.

Enjoy browsing our new site and feel free to leave your comments.

The Conscious Leadership Blueprint will take you on a journey of some of the aspects we see in this vast field. The map is interactive and you can click on each term to explore it and its links to other parts of the map. It is aimed to act as a ‘mirror’ for you, so that as you are drawn to an aspect of it that appeals to or resonates with you, feel free to explore that part further or contact us to see if we can put you in touch with the right resources. As ever, the map is not the territory and so we will be continuing to evolve it in collaboration with input from you.

If you would like to learn more, see our calendar to book your space at one of our short courses offered from September 2014. These are being added to all the time as we make further links with development specialists all over the world. Our ultimate aim is to provide both face-to-face and virtual development opportunities and to truly live up to our name as a global centre for conscious leadership.

GCfCL has been established as a Community Interest Company. This means that, while we aim to run as a profitable operation, this profit is devoted to the community that we serve – you. We are promoters of the idea of purpose before profit and believe in the power of doing business in a different way, one that benefits all our stakeholders. Our desire for the Centre is to serve the leaders in all of us today, as well as establishing an organisation that will live long into the future, to promote the greater good for all of us through Conscious Leadership.

We look forward to being in touch with you into the future.

The GCfCL team



* We will be operating under the name ‘The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership’ while we achieve Accredited Institute status, the plans of which include collaborations with Universities and Business Schools to offer accredited Conscious Leadership qualifications. This is all part of the process we are undertaking to co-create Conscious Leadership as a recognised field.


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