Conscious Living Network: Self Inquiry #RSAinLondon

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Conscious Living Network RSAinLondon
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The next Conscious Living Network topic is ‘Self Inquiry’

One of the key purposes of the Conscious Living Network is to grow in our ability to be more ‘response-able’ in any given moment including, most importantly, the present moment, the only one we ever have. Some moments are more difficult than others, and it is through self-awareness that we are able to manage the moment with more ease, grace and choice.

Life gives us enough to worry about in a day, and it is often through our own patterns of behaviours that we experience the most frustration and suffering, despite our best efforts. Self-inquiry is a useful way to explore aspects of ourselves that we are not yet aware of. These are the deeper layers of unconscious behaviours and habits we have accumulated through our conditioning and our experience. Some serve us and are useful, and other behaviours sabotage even our best intentions.

Being aware of our motives, competing priorities, values and triggers helps us to understand why we react in certain ways, and reduces our blind spots and fear-based beliefs. Self-inquiry helps us to bring a considered fullness of ourselves to every situation.

It is fascinating and moving to see the inherent similarities and challenges in our ‘I’ as we hear insights from others and share our own sense of selves.  Join us in exploring this process in the next session as we inquire into our own ideas about who we are, and collectively inquire with other fellows.

Tuesday 22 September 6:30pm-9pm

Near London Bridge Station

The event is free but please do book your place via this link:


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