Tom Chi Everything is Connected GCFCL

Tom Chi on the Interconnectedness of Everything

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Tom Chi is my personal hero. Listening to him or talking with him is like having a supernova explosion going off in your head. You cannot help but have your existing worldview blown to smithereens, replaced by a new, more expansive frame. Tom has this to say about interconnectedness: “Whenever I hear people mention this phrase that we are all connected, they do so in a way as if it’s something they wish they believe was true. It’s something that’s abstract, it’s esoteric, it’s a thing that’s unprovable, but they really just wish that the universe was like that.” This talk is about how things really are connected, and not in an abstract way but […]

Buddhism and Conscious Leadership Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti – Combining Buddhism and Conscious Leadership

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How do Buddhism and Conscious Leadership overlap? A few years ago, at a Conscious Capitalism conference in Boston, I met a disarming and charming man. Because the conference had run severely overtime on its schedule, he was given only 5 minutes on stage for the after-lunch slot (traditionally known as ‘the graveyard shift’), but in those 5 minutes Nithya Shanti brought joy to the whole room and lit us all up. Joy emanates from him and he seems to be illuminated from the inside with a 50,000 watt bulb. I sidled over to meet him afterwards, standing in a corridor, and found myself smiling and feeling inexplicably happy. This feeling lasted long after we said goodbye after only […]

John Mackey on Conscious Leadership: The Hero’s Journey - GCFCL

John Mackey on Conscious Leadership: The Hero’s Journey

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I recently attended the Success 3.0 Summit in Boulder, CO, where I had the pleasure of hearing John Mackey (co-CEO of Whole Foods Market and co-founder of Conscious Capitalism) speak specifically about his views on conscious leadership. What I enjoyed most about John’s keynote was that he took a balanced, pragmatic and business-like view of conscious leadership. Not for John an airy-fairy, loved-up view of being a conscious leader: in fact, he made a point of addressing the audience (some of whom were, in my view, in some danger of veering towards taking an airy-fairy and loved-up view of conscious leadership) by starting his speech with a warning that conscious leadership requires work, discipline and […]

A good news Conscious Business story for the end of the year GCFCL

A good news Conscious Business story for the end of the year

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Conscious businesses come in all shapes and sizes and I found this little business today in the unlikeliest of places – Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I was on the hunt for baking goods for my daughter’s 6th birthday cake and came upon Bakers Bin in a small, off-the-beaten-track shopping centre. But small did not not mean small-minded. Stefaan, the business owner, and Peter, his trusty sidekick who, he said, had been working with him for many years, made our little shopping experience out of the ordinary. First of all, Stefaan and Peter went out of their way to find us the various cake mixes and icing colours we were looking for. So far, so normal […]

A Tale of Two Taxis -

A Tale of Two Taxis

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London. Winter coming. You couldn’t find a better time to be in the taxi business. Punters wanting a warm ride rather than a cold walk or a stuffed Tube. Enter into this scene two taxi businesses, Hailo and GetTaxi. Both offering the same thing: an app-enabled, live-tracked taxi booking service that gives customers the power to book their black cab (from within the comfort of the warm indoors) and watch it arrive in real time, then have it charged straight to their business account. Couldn’t be better. Except, one of these is a classic case of how to do business in a more conscious way, with your stakeholders in mind, and the other is a […]

Conscious Leadership -

How Frederic Laloux’s ‘Reinventing Organizations’ points the way towards more Conscious Leadership

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Reinventing Organizations is a great read, a breath of fresh air (and sometimes a mindbend) about how the new and emerging forms of organisations go about their business. It serves not only as a compelling story, but also alters our paradigm as we read it. That is some effect. There are several clues within it that point to who the leaders of these (Teal) kinds of organisations need to be, which hints at an evolved form of leadership. Frederic describes three principles around which their operations cluster: Self management Frederic’s point: Hierarchies don’t work in complex organisations because all the complexity is pushed to the top awaiting decisions. As we know from other writers (e.g. […]


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