Engage in the Possibility of Passion, Purpose AND Profit

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It is possible, and if you think it is not- you are simply not aware of the cases where this is a reality in business around the world. There are organisations out there, operating in a whole new playing field- those who have abandoned their disillusionment and loyalty for the old system for a better way of being (a better way of seeing each quarter through). Raj Sisodia has long been interested in and researching these organisations- “Firms of Endearment”. Through his various publications, based on work with Universities in the United States, and consulting for global organisations, he has been able to shed some light on the process behind such win-win scenario’s in today’s […]

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How Frederic Laloux’s ‘Reinventing Organizations’ points the way towards more Conscious Leadership

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Reinventing Organizations is a great read, a breath of fresh air (and sometimes a mindbend) about how the new and emerging forms of organisations go about their business. It serves not only as a compelling story, but also alters our paradigm as we read it. That is some effect. There are several clues within it that point to who the leaders of these (Teal) kinds of organisations need to be, which hints at an evolved form of leadership. Frederic describes three principles around which their operations cluster: Self management Frederic’s point: Hierarchies don’t work in complex organisations because all the complexity is pushed to the top awaiting decisions. As we know from other writers (e.g. […]

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An Unlikely Case of Conscious Leadership

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Edward Griffiths, CEO of Saracens Rugby Club, is a most unlikely example of a conscious leader. Not because of the man himself, but because usually we think of conscious leadership in the context of business, and who would think that you would find a conscious leader in a rugby club? But find him we did, as my co-director, Erika Uffindell, and I discovered when we met him in a London lounge for coffee. Griffiths was not particularly identified with being a conscious leader, and quite frankly might even have scoffed a little at the term, but we found in him a rather instinctive consciousness: he knew how to run his business so that it aspired […]

Conscious Leadership is an Inside Job

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Casey Sheahan, CEO of Patagonia, one of the lighthouse ‘conscious companies’, talks to Jeff Klein (author of It’s Just Good Business) about his passion for being a conscious leader. My favourite quote: “For companies to transform on a larger scale, the individual leaders have to transform.  All the powerful ways of operating have to come into play: being a good listener, being calm, being centered, being confident, and speaking without anger or ego….we all project an energy whether individually or as a company out in the world and around us. Whatever we do, whatever we say, really has an effect on those around us.” Read the full article here. Best regards Gina

London Draws Conscious Capitalism To Itself

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Intuition has been nudging me for a while now, telling me that Sept, Oct, Nov are going to be months when we see a surge in the establishment of conscious capitalism, conscious business and conscious leadership in the UK.  And so it has been. On Tuesday this week the Conscious Capitalism Institute held a lunch in London hosted by Raj Sisodia.  Raj, author of Firms of Endearment, took us through his presentation on conscious capitalism – it was inspirational hearing it from its source – and expressed his desire to establish a centre for CCI in the UK alongside other centers in Australia, South America and elsewhere.  Timothy Henry from Arête will have this as […]


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